The Shift

With riots, there are many tragic issues at hand.  Looting is not an expression of rage against an injustice.  And if I came to find my store burned to the ground?  I would be devastated.  And this to, is not raging against an unjust system.  Of course, looters and vandals … Continue Reading The Shift

Of COURSE Mitt Romney

Has never been asked for his birth certificate or to prove where he was born.  He is a white guy.  White guys with an American based accent will never be expected to prove they are Real Americans.

The War Over Justice

Understand one thing… my posts over the last few days regarding the Martin shooting are eracting to the weird Conservative impulse to portray Trayvon as a ruthless thug.  They claim they are just responding to the media circus that had made Trayvon into an innocent saint.  They are responding to … Continue Reading The War Over Justice