The War Over Justice

Understand one thing… my posts over the last few days regarding the Martin shooting are eracting to the weird Conservative impulse to portray Trayvon as a ruthless thug.  They claim they are just responding to the media circus that had made Trayvon into an innocent saint.  They are responding to … Continue Reading The War Over Justice

Whole Lot Different

Right wing bloggers are in a tizzy.  Why isn’t the story of Allen Coon getting the same outcry as the Trayvon Martin case?! It is a horrific story…two young men chased after Allen, doused him with gasoline and set his head on fire (it apparently was a fireball-thankfully not a … Continue Reading Whole Lot Different

Not The Victim

So, now we find some trying to make Trayvon out to be a thug. Zimmerman kills a kid and the police investigate the victim. Trayvon has no history of violence. He was suspended for grafitti. Everyone who knows him says they cannot believe he was the instigator. Zimmerman claims he … Continue Reading Not The Victim