Everybody’s Free

free en·ter·prise noun noun: free enterprise 1. an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control. There was a news story on Fox recently which declared Free Enterprise dead. It was ridiculous, of course, for multiple reasons. Primarily, it was because a Judge … Continue Reading Everybody’s Free

I Am Anxiously Awaiting

Mike Huckabee coming to the defense of Amazon and declaring an upcoming day Amazon Appreciation Day.  And politicians all across the nation put pictures of themselves order stuff from Amazon on the Twitter and Facebook.  Because they just are concerned about freedom of speech.

Lock Up Mary Jane

I am sure there are some who presume my general defense of the President equals no ability to express extreme dissatisfaction with the President. But the fact is, there have been some areas which I find stunningly off base. Such as this. Most true professionals in the MMJ industry would … Continue Reading Lock Up Mary Jane

Land of The _______

So….crazy law passing in North Carolina… I got nothin’… well…other than disappointment.  Way to let freedom ring, folks. See a list of reactions here and here. (Although, this was nice)