Everybody’s Free

free en·ter·prise noun noun: free enterprise 1. an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control. There was a news story on Fox recently which declared Free Enterprise dead. It was ridiculous, of course, for multiple reasons. Primarily, it was because a Judge … Continue Reading Everybody’s Free

Dumb Pundit Jokes

So, Bill O’Reilly made a joke about the DNC, condoms and Sandra Fluke the other day. My central frustration with the continued jokes from the right regarding Fluke.  Listen up folks.  If you have not listened to or read Fluke’s testimony on birth control-yet are making jokes about her slutty … Continue Reading Dumb Pundit Jokes

Lawless Dictatorship

  I will not lie.  I always enjoy when Stewart shows Fox News Now and compares it to Fox News Then (you know…the Bush Years).

I Hate Indoctrination

That was Sean Hannity a few years ago.  When some stupid teacher had kids sing a song about Barack Obama.  It is a rather humorous statement coming from a guy whose job is… you know… indoctrination.