Bigotedly Correct

Oh, Gary Oldman. I love you. I really do. I see you are in a movie and I get excited to see that performance. You were one of the reasons I did not totally refuse to see the RoboCop reboot. But really…if you want to be critical of the restrictions … Continue Reading Bigotedly Correct

The Preface

I am working on a couple blog postings related to the general reaction to bigoted comments by celebrities and how these things are dealt with. I have conflicting feelings, and so I am breaking them down into (current plan) two posts. One focusing on my problems with “silencing” people we … Continue Reading The Preface

How Do You Know?

So, for years in conversations with conservatives, when discussing the topic of race…conservatives have asked how you know someone is racist.  Accusations of racism are the most heinous of accusations one can make in the eyes of many conservatives.  But what always fascinates me is the demand for proof…mainly, because … Continue Reading How Do You Know?