Ask of Me…

My friend Adam asked this on his blog: If you could ask God one question what would it be? Honestly?  My question has been plaguing me since Christmas. Hosea 2:2-23 (for the sake of space…I removed all of it. Click the link to read it) Most of the time, I can … Continue Reading Ask of Me…

Top ___ Lists

Or, where once again I rip off Ami’s blog! Specifically, she has mentioned a couple times this really obnoxious Bravo special (well, series of specials).  The Superhero and villain lists were bad.  The vixen list was the worst.  See, we did not see one woman in the Superhero list.  It … Continue Reading Top ___ Lists

Geek Dating Help

So, I showed a friend, lets call him Frank, this rant from Ami’s blog. After he finished reading it, he launched into a tirade about the lack of cool girls into gaming and comic books. I tried to explain that he missed the point…but after six attempts, I gave up. … Continue Reading Geek Dating Help

Unpublished Milestone…

I recently mentioned Milestone Media. Well, Colleen Doran stumbled on some unpublished artwork she did for a series that never saw the light of day for them. To bad this is all that ever became of it, looks intriguing!

Get Over It.

Um.  Wow? Okay.  Hargrove is, like, 79.  But you know, both my Grandmothers are older than that.  And neither would make such an idiotic statement.  Get over that whole “slavery” thing?  First off, how often do we ear complaints about slavery?  Oh sure, you might hear a crack from Dave Chapelle … Continue Reading Get Over It.