Just a brief mention of some upcoming comic things that have me excited. Buffy, season 8 should hit stands this month. Comic book Urban Legends…Oooooh. A special gift from Kevin Church. Crackdown.  I am not very good at it yet…but it’s fun.  Okay, that’s a cheat, not really “comic book … Continue Reading Driveby…BLAM!!!!

How Some Christians Review Movies

Actually…quite thoughtfully.  It’s interesting that recently, the magazine Christianity Today-specifically their movie reviewing team- has come under fire from a particular director and radio talk show host for having an “Anti-Evangelical Bias”.   That’s what inspired this editorial by Jeffrey Overstreet.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

So, apparently, we are looking at near two feet of snow.  It’s been falling heavy and contunuously since about eleven A.M.  I guess my parents picked the right time to go to Mexico.