Cole Vs Vampires?

I just found out there is a new Infamous game out there through the Playstation Network.  Cole apparently takes on vampires.  Yeah, I wanna play this.


So, I saw Best Buy had this game for $15 for the X-Box 360. I remembered seeing some promotional stuff that made it look like fun. I am not real concerned with plot in my games. Give me something where I am blowing away monsters or thugs (real world style … Continue Reading Bulletwitch


Video Games for you girls!  No longer must you force yourself to play Gears of War, Mario Kart or Halo.  Finally, women will have games that appeal to the things you ladies actually like. Except for you strange girls who like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.  You are just weird.

A Question for Gamers…

Marvel Ultimate Alliance question here.  I am currently attempting to stop the self destruct mechanism on the Shiar ship.  Supposedly, when you destroy the “nodes” it gets you an extra 30 seconds.  When I destroy them, the clock keeps ticking away, never adding the additional time.  What am I missing? 

Finally, Mario & Louigi Are Safe…

And German officials may actually be more ridiculous than our over zealous American Officials.  Kill a character in a video game… you could do time, you sick murdering bastard! Thank God Politicians always focus on the most important problems in culture no matter what country you live in, huh?