GIRLS! Incognito!

HBO has debuted a new series called Girls from Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow.  So far, the show seems to be full of awkward humor and fairly upfront sex scenes.  I happen to feel that much of the time, this is a lazy grab for attention via controversy.  Girls feels … Continue Reading GIRLS! Incognito!

Seriously Now…

When does Corey Booker run for President?! And while I am glad Obama and everyone is standing up for Ann Romney…can Republicans really believe Hilary Rosen’s comments are in the same league as personhood amendments, forcing women to get ultrasounds, allowing doctors to lie to their patients(there is a terrific … Continue Reading Seriously Now…

Changing the Game

So, last weekend, HBO aired the premier of Game Change.  A very loose adaption of the book Game Change by Mark Halperin and JohnHeilmann, but highly entertaining.  The main focus of the book was the Democratic primary (specifically the race between Clinton and Obama).*  The film was the chronicles of … Continue Reading Changing the Game

Yeah, That Makes Sense

Really, I should not be surprised…I should just be happy that NBC did not shelve Community sooner.  Really, they have everything going against it. Quirky characters.  Mind you, not the Hollywood Quirky.  The show  plpays with stereotypes and enjoys flipping them on their head.  Troy, for example, was a high … Continue Reading Yeah, That Makes Sense