De Ja Who

So, I got this feeling like we touched on this issue from Saturday’s episode of Dr. Who.  So. spoilers for the last couple of episodes are about to take place.  After the jump.

I Am So Alone

I have been told people hated the end of last week’s episode of Dr Who, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. First, I loved seeing Rory’s dad. Played by Mark Williams, (best known as Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films*) he was an “always be prepared” guy who, in a way, … Continue Reading I Am So Alone

For All You Firefly Fans

It impresses me how much they still love their fans from a show that lasted one season ten years ago.  I love these folks.   You know…this show had an amazing and fun cast. No Jewel Staite (Kaylee) though.  😦

Explain To Me…

Why I should give a damn about what Steven Moffat thinks of CBS’s Elementary? Does having a critically loved Sherlock Holmes in modern times fan fic tv show make him some sort of protector of all things Holmes?