An All New Low…?

It’s scary stuff.  Comics have finally stooped to exploitation of sexuality to sell books.  A formerly kid friendly medium has now joined the ranks of porn to sell comics.  Have they no shame?  Do they not consider the other dangers of such imagery? Why, DC?  You have such a strong track … Continue Reading An All New Low…?

Guest Editorial

I got a request from Snikt Ninja45 (his message board name) asking to write something for me. He feels it’s an issue that I should have touched on, but have not. It’s Tough Being a Guy Into Comics by Snikt Ninja45 Yeah, I see all the girls crying about no … Continue Reading Guest Editorial

We Have to Talk

I have to get this off my chest. I am continually frustrated by the lack of understanding from people. They continually use a word that is inappropriate and frankly, rather bigoted. I am a geek. Not a nerd. A GEEK. You think there is no difference? I beg to differ. … Continue Reading We Have to Talk

New Rock TV

I am part of the video team with my Church…the videos are usually some kind of satire, sometimes with a message and sometimes not. This one takes a look at an admittedly easy target. Religious radio. here it is… I think it would have been funny to record a few … Continue Reading New Rock TV

The Good Old Days…

You know…I miss the good old days of the 90’s.  When comics were fun, there were no big crossovers, deaths of characters were not events and-what’s that you say?  Zero Hour?  Death of Superman? The Infinity Gauntlet?  The Age of Apocalypse? Okay…you know what I miss?  The good old days … Continue Reading The Good Old Days…