The Mystery of Objects

You know…you would think a vacation would afford lots of writing time. But I have found little time for that. I saw this…and I feel like I am missing something: METHODOLOGY: Researchers led by Philippe Bernard presented participants pictures of men and women in sexualized poses, wearing a swimsuit or … Continue Reading The Mystery of Objects

You Found the Wrong Cabin

Okay.  This post is going to be non-stop spoilers.  If you have not seen The Cabin In the Woods and plan to?  You should skip reading this.  The actual focus is a terrible review of the film. Read more after the jump…

Changing the Game

So, last weekend, HBO aired the premier of Game Change.  A very loose adaption of the book Game Change by Mark Halperin and JohnHeilmann, but highly entertaining.  The main focus of the book was the Democratic primary (specifically the race between Clinton and Obama).*  The film was the chronicles of … Continue Reading Changing the Game

Moments of Useless Realization…

So, today is Tori Amos’ birthday.  I did not realize that she is almost ten years older than me…I guess I just always assumed she was around my age or much younger. Oh well.  Happy Birthday, Tori Amos.