It’s Never Enough

Last night I watched as black person after black person stood up to condemn the rioting in Baltimore.  They stated clearly they thought this was wrong, that these young people throwing rocks and concrete and wounding cops were thugs and trouble making opportunists out to create mayhem.  They noted they … Continue Reading It’s Never Enough

Where Is the Protest

Ever since the #BlackLivesMatter movement got going shortly after the shooting of Mike Brown there has been an attempt by (overwhelmingly white) conservatives to challenge with a very consistent meme of “Where is our protest?” The meme works this way…people find an incident where a person shoots and wounds or … Continue Reading Where Is the Protest


So, Republicans sent a letter to Iran.  And, shockingly, it is not working out the way they expected.  Some Republicans are taking the “It was just a joke” approach.  Lighten up, everybody! The Daily Show noted that both sides are pretty hypocritical on this exact issue. What it comes down … Continue Reading Oops!

Photo (Less) Hog

For most of the Presidency of Barack Obama, a common complaint from his critics has been that he takes to many photo ops.  He is always using any chance to get a photo op. On it’s face, this is a pretty stupid criticism.  All Presidents show up for photo ops. … Continue Reading Photo (Less) Hog