So, yesterday, we had the worst shooting in American history. Now, we still know very little. We know nothing about the shooter’s motives. Early reports say the shooting deaths two hours earlier of a young woman and man may or may not be related to the whole event. They still … Continue Reading Please…


So declares the Post. Columnist John Podhoretz has decided that in the Duke case, it is now officially okay to go after the young woman. I mean, sure, you could harrass the DA who screwed all this up…but that is not nearly as fun, right? She is the woman who … Continue Reading PUNISH HER!!!!!

Aqua Teen Bombs?

So, Colleen Doran brought up this news item on her blog.  I had planned to talk about this, but I admit, my attitude was a lot more flippant before reading Colleen’s thoughts on this.  So now I am left torn. Now clearly, this was a really bad idea.  A poor … Continue Reading Aqua Teen Bombs?

Rape Victim Goes to Jail

Wow.  This is unbelievably awful.  Gee, you were raped, but we have to stop that investigatin.  It says here there is a warrant for a really minor crime (in comparison).  What the hell is wrong with these people?!