In Another Time

I am making a confession here.  When I was growing up, I have some opinions on things that are not reflective of my views today.  In high school and well into my early twenties, I believed in the perversion of homosexuality. What I mean by that is, I believed homosexuality … Continue Reading In Another Time

So…Um, Sorry

About the lack of presence here on the blog.  Life has had some big upsets and changes, none really things one wants to discuss, but I may share for folks who are finding their life hitting the same areas.  It could certainly be worse, but life is not without it’s … Continue Reading So…Um, Sorry

War Weary World

So…yeah. Friday pretty much is…well…on our minds. One of the worst mass shootings in our national history…and some of the youngest victims. I could really only think of the families and my own nephews. Both are to young for school…but as my oldest nephew creeps towards his second birthday next … Continue Reading War Weary World

Introspective Travels

A sort of repost from almost a decade ago. I watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles early this morning, per my Thanksgiving tradition. I still love this movie, one of John Hughes’ finest moments. The reason it really resonates for me is the two central characters. Candy plays Dell Griffiths so … Continue Reading Introspective Travels