Mandatory Credibility

I had to buy something I didn’t even need just so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon Come on…I have a hard time believing Weird Al cannot afford Amazon Prime.

Jesus, the Superhero

I realize the first portion of this might irritate some….feel free to jump to the 3:39 mark, which is why I put this up for amusement today.

American History Revisited

Hopefully, if one thing comes out of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it will be that our school history classes will finally start educating our kids about the impact and general influence of vampires, zombies and other monsters upon our nation’s history.

Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Heaven

Billy Graham has a book called the Heaven Answer Book.  It is promoted as Billy Graham answering questions about heaven. Isn’t the only honest answer to every question about heaven ultimately “I don’t know”?  That must be a short book.

Seriously Now…

When does Corey Booker run for President?! And while I am glad Obama and everyone is standing up for Ann Romney…can Republicans really believe Hilary Rosen’s comments are in the same league as personhood amendments, forcing women to get ultrasounds, allowing doctors to lie to their patients(there is a terrific … Continue Reading Seriously Now…