Jesus, the Superhero

I realize the first portion of this might irritate some….feel free to jump to the 3:39 mark, which is why I put this up for amusement today.

Junior, Behave Yourself

So, after Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Netflix supplied me with Men Behaving Badly, the Complete Series.  Yes.  The complete series.  Unlike Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, I had almost zero memory of the show, other than Rob Schneider and Ron Eldard were on it, and it was canceled after one season.

My Top Five Women that Crack Me Up: # 2

2.Jane Lynch The top spot has been tough…because frankly, I love Jane Lynch.  If as a director, you walk up to me and say, “Jane Lynch is in my movie”?  There is a good chance I will see it.  Why?