But It Is Fantasy

One genre that takes a lot of hits for diversity is Fantasy.  And considering how often fantasy books can be very white (*cough*Game of Thrones*couch*) it is a just point. A common defense is that it is a set in a time and location where there were not non-white people. … Continue Reading But It Is Fantasy

Game Enders

So, there is a lot of argument about the boycott of Ender’s Game. The gay community has both supporters and detractors of the boycott. What I find interesting about some of the detractors is that they are the same folks that had no problem boycotting a previous film. When the … Continue Reading Game Enders

Left Way Back….

I am loving this blog…specifically this section following the Left Behind books.  It’s funny and thought provoking.  I am trying not to laugh to loudly as he brings to light the numerous flaws-both in theology and writing-of the series.

Awwww Man…

I admit…I haven’t read a book of his since…well, probably Congo or Sphere.  But Michael Crichton will always hold a place in my memory for the magic of Jurassic Park.  Peace to his family and friends.

Jiminy Cricket…

So, I was at Target getting some supplies…I noticed they had all the Narnia books for $4.99.  I have only read a couple of them, and I thought I would pick up the books I was missing to read the whole series.  But since I had not thought about it, … Continue Reading Jiminy Cricket…

The Witchcraft Was One Thing…

But gay?  Man… what’s with this mainstreaming of “homosexuality”, America?  What’s next?  Gay characters in movies?  Or…*gasp*… Comic books? KEEP THE KIDS SAFE, PEOPLE!!!! (apparently the “young fan” was nineteen, btw)

I Was Right!

I was dead on right about Snape all along.  So correct, that my personal theory of the truth matched entirely with what Rowling wrote. So I finished the final Harry Potter book.