Through Twitter, I recently discovered the online community Black Girl Nerds.  I know…I am not their target demo (white and a guy)… but I am really impressed with the community.  Their articles are thoughtful and challenging.  And the discussions they generate?  Some of the best discussions (especially on the intersection … Continue Reading NERDS!!!

The Preface

I am working on a couple blog postings related to the general reaction to bigoted comments by celebrities and how these things are dealt with. I have conflicting feelings, and so I am breaking them down into (current plan) two posts. One focusing on my problems with “silencing” people we … Continue Reading The Preface

So…Um, Sorry

About the lack of presence here on the blog.  Life has had some big upsets and changes, none really things one wants to discuss, but I may share for folks who are finding their life hitting the same areas.  It could certainly be worse, but life is not without it’s … Continue Reading So…Um, Sorry

Left Way Back….

I am loving this blog…specifically this section following the Left Behind books.  It’s funny and thought provoking.  I am trying not to laugh to loudly as he brings to light the numerous flaws-both in theology and writing-of the series.


So…sorry about not updating much in the last several weeks.  I opted to take Christmas week off and thought I would be back to a regular schedule at the start of the year.  But life takes its unexpected turns, and I found myself working non-stop.  Some video projects, but especially … Continue Reading Yikes.