I am a geek in general.

I really like visual media (movies, comics, television).  I like discussing things such as politics, pop culture, religion and life in general.  I aspire to write, create and tell an interesting tale.  However, to pay the bills, I am a phone rep and retail store employee.



5 thoughts on “About Leave a comment

  1. That is totally cool to use the image in the video. 🙂

    (btw, at about the 1:09 point or so of There is Noone Like You, that audio gets choppy-at first I thought it was maybe a connection issue-but Song of the Harlot never did it, and I waited for the entire video to load and it still did it)

  2. Thom,

    One of our Authors has recommended you to me, and I concur that you would be an excellent addition as one of our Authors in Alexandria.

    If you will email me at the address I have supplied you with, I will be pleased to forward our formal invitations for your consideration.

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