Trump Loves Gold

So, let’s be honest…the whole thing about Donald Trump and Russia having information of him being naughty in Russia…it is absolutely unverified.  On Twitter, people ran with it, and of course, Trump sent out an all caps tweet calling it a witch hunt.

Humorously enough, Trump and his supporters seem very forgetful.  Trump has a habit of throwing uncorroborated accusations out there…with the “Just saying that some people say…” logic.

Do I think the allegations of Trump and prostitutes being kinky are absolutely true?  Who knows.  I mean, it certainly is not out of line with his public persona.  At this point, nobody has verified it is true…so I am inclined to figure it may not have happened.

I suspect most of the folks tweeting about it do not believe it is true…more they found it funny and wanted to make jokes about it.  And the Donald bit.  His witch hunt claim is pretty hysterical.  Trump campaigned using witch hunts.

But here is what it comes down to President Elect Trump.  I don’t know if you had prostitutes perform golden showers in front of you.  I mean, I am not saying you did do it.  I am just saying that there are people out there that are saying you did.


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