Comparison Shopping

The Apostle Paul: I am the Chief of All Sinners.

Donald Trump: I am a sinner, but that guy is a way worse sinner than me!

There are a lot of “think” pieces telling us that we cannot stand in judgement of the Donald.  Suddenly, some folks on the right are demanding tolerance, claiming we are all sinners and so on.  People are claiming Hollywood has no right to say anything because, well Hollywood is full of vulgarians.

Here is the problem with that line of thinking.  Donald Trump is not merely vulgar in the tape with Billy Bush.  If he was merely being vulgar, I would say there is not a strong case.  And people would be right to say plenty of people are vulgar.  But Donald Trump was not merely being vulgar.  He was boasting of behavior that is, in fact sexual assault.  Some have tried to minimize this by calling it locker room talk and suggesting he was just trying to impress Billy Bush.  Except, he was trying to impress Billy Bush by suggesting he sexually assaults women and tries to sleep with married women.

And his apology was “Gee, I am sorry if anyone is offended, but Bill Clinton says worse things!”  Way to take Responsibility, Donald.

Kevin Smith is a vulgar guy.  And there are a lot of vulgar entertainers.  But when they start making light of sexual assault, they tend to face actual consequences.  I am now watching some Christians make the same arguments they use to shoot down.  The defense of Trump has come down to arguing that yeah, Trump is terrible, but isn’t Bill Clinton worse?

The answer, of course, is no.  The Apostle Paul looked in the mirror and saw the worst of sinners.  Trump and his supporters look in Trumps mirror and see a guy who is the same or better than other sinners.

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