CNN and Meaningless Statistics That White People Love

CNN is the go to for white conservative people trying to “discredit” supposed “narratives”.  They know their liberal friends won’t accept the Fox News information.  But CNN supposedly represents the liberal mainstream media.  This is pretty laughable if you actually watch CNN.  They bend over backwards to be neutral on any story, giving voice to any yahoo in the name of covering all the angles.  Fox says they are “fair and balanced”, but they do not make the gymnastics to live up to that.

So, when CNN puts up statistics, without actually analyzing them, white conservatives get to work spreading it on Facebook with “concerned” commentary.  The popular statistic right now is the one that shows police shot more white people than any other race in a few year span.  But the reasons for that are pretty simple.  The country is 63% white, 12% Black.  Plus, a general statistic about the number of people killed by race does not address the issue.

The frustration is not that cops kill more black people than white people.  That is a complete strawman.  And the statistic does not break down into specific circumstances such as whether the person killed was armed.  No, the issue is that black people are more likely to be killed by the cops even when they are unarmed.  And if you take the statistics of the number of white and black people killed by police and set it against the population?  Black people are, in fact, killed at a much higher rate than white people by cops.  It is explored more in depth here.

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  1. The sheer range of mental gymnastics that so many people put themselves through is…mind boggling. And the truth is, that you can prove just about anything with statistics…so long as you are incredibly limber about how and what you USE as statistics. But yes, CNN is pretty much Fox Lite.

    Oh hell, all the 24 hour news shows are ridiculous.

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