If Only Obama Were More Like Genghis Khan

There has been a trend among Conservatives and Republicans to compare Obama to “tough foreign leaders” unfavorably.

Most recently, it was regarding Netenyahu and his speech.  A speech that was pretty much the same one he gave about in 2003 about Iraq.  His 2003 speech missed on pretty much every point.  All his predictions more or less failed miserably, yet he is being praised for his wisdom.

But before Netenyahu, there was Putin.  The Conservatives and Republicans were constantly singing the praises of Putin arguing “If only Obama could be a real leader like him.  Let us imagine a world where Obama was more like Putin.

Fox News personalities would be locked up in gulags.  Some simply disappearing.  There would be a trail of dead Republican rivals for the White House… hmmm…maybe Obama’s critics are on to something…

3 thoughts on “If Only Obama Were More Like Genghis Khan Leave a comment

  1. Speaking just of your post’s title. Read some history! It’d be a damn fine thing if any of supposed leaders were a LOT more like Temuchin, the Genghis Khan.

    I grant you, however, that if Obama were stronger it wouldn’t be pleasant. Then, he’d be closer to Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, or some ghettofied version of Pol Pot. Well, for the short time he was allowed to enjoy the hand out of continuing to breath.

  2. I honestly cannot understand the Conservative adoration of Putin. It seems so weird, especially since they start shrieking about Socialism at the drop of a hat.

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