Expanding Their Universe

So, the dynamic duo of Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick have signed a deal with Universal television to adapt some of their properties to television.  This opens some interesting options for them as well as their collaborators.

I was a little surprised at their first work going forward under the arrangement being the Fraction/Zdarsky Sex Criminals.  I have not read any of the series yet.  It has gotten rave reviews…but I would think it was a bit risky, even in a post 50 Shades of Gray world.  I better start reading the series, maybe that will make it seem like less of a risky choice to begin this venture.

I look forward to their next announcement…hoping a bit for the DeConnick/Rios Pretty Deadly.

Congrats to Matt, Kelly and all their collaborators, I am hoping they have much success with this venture.

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