That’s No Joke

So…there was one thing I was hoping Gotham’s creators would should strength and resolve to not being into the mix.  There was one character that I thought should be left off the table.  And certainly well past their first season.  Just one.  Well, I wish they would have avoided this desire to bring all the villains in…but Penguin and the Riddler are definitely interesting takes on the characters.

One of the frustrating things about the ten years of Smallville was that as the seasons went on, they introduced every villain they could into Clark’s world.  He fought Doomsday for Pete’s sake.  And he was fighting them well before he ever became Superman.

But Gotham has already introduced the Joker.  Batman’s enemies will apparently all be active long before Bruce Wayne grows up…which just makes things messy.

I guess I am thankful that the Flash series is not set a few years before he becomes the Flash and regular moving Barry Allen must take on all the villains he will deal with when he finally gets his super powers at the end of the series.

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