Sinister Ideas…

And it turns out I was wrong.  The Marvel/Sony deal did not put an end to Sinister Six movie plans.  They are delayed, but Sony apparently plans to proceed without Marvel’s input to boot.

And this is just a terrible idea.  First, the idea that their next Spider-Related film would be a Sinister Six film seemed kind of terrible.  For one, we had only been introduced to Electro, Green Goblin and Rhino.  The Lizard had died, so that meant we had to be introduced to three more villains.  Since the Amazing Spider-Man 3 was scrapped, they would have to be introduced in the Sinister Six film.  That is three origins, even if you go with the Amazing Spider-Man 2’s notion that they were handing out the bad guy gear by the truckload over at Oscorp.

Plus, really, they would have to retrofit the idea to fit it into the MCU that Spidey now inhabits.  The Sinister Six film would either be set in the Andrew Garfield timeline, or it is all new with a completely fresh set of actors as the bad guys.

And the other part that makes it so terrible is this whole notion of Sony doing the film without Marvel input.  Sony really needs to let Marvel handle all things Spider-Man and just reap the cash rewards.  I have zero faith that Sony will produce a good Sinister Six movie without Marvel’s help.

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