That’s Great, It Starts With an Earthquake

So, wait…Battleworld is not actually the new status quo.  It is the lead in to the new status quo.

A status quo that will include, well, whatever the writers want to keep.  Which sounds confusing.  So, are Peter and Mary Jane married with a kid?  Or are they singles?  Are they both?  And what about the population outside the superheroes?

Or is Battleworld going to dissolve?  And the new Marvel Universe will have no memory of it, and all the people who died in the 616 and Ultimate universes will be around?

Will they all have a memory of the Battleworld incident and this is just all part of ongoing continuity?  Will only the heroes remember it happened?

And yet, in spite of all these questions…in spite of what a potential mess this looks like…I kind of feel a little more confident…this seems like the goal is to free up the creative times to continue their own visions, rather than a corporate vision of only a couple writers and the editorial staffs.

Though, I will be sad when Earth WOLVERINE (the Earth where everyone is Wolverine) gets destroyed.

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