The Un-Reboot

So, DC completely rebooted their universe with the New 52, sort of.  Some stuff was still canon, especially Green Lantern and Batman Histories, while Superman and Wonder Woman started totally fresh.  Ever since then, there has been talk that Marvel was going to eventually have there own Crisis style universal reboot.

Marvel has always resisted a reboot, simply working with a shifting timeline to keep an ever present now.  Many saw a reboot as inevitable.  And the talk heated up as Marvel started to tease things like the end of the Ultimate Universe and various “events” from Marvel’s past.  It was all under the banner, we discovered, of Secret Wars.

What we basically know is that the various alternate universes are being pitted against each other and only one can survive.  The surviving earths are apparently going to collide into a single planet called Battleworld.  According to what we are being told, Battleworld will not end and result in the Marvel Universe starting all over…rather, Battleworld will be the ongoing status quo of the Marvel Universe.

I cannot lie…I think this is a terrible and confusing premise.  I honestly wish this would be the door to a total universal reboot, rather than trying to continue on with a Universe Mashup…and having a map does not really change that.

I will give it all a chance…but so far, I cannot say this has been an announcement that has me excited.

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