It Is Not Fair To Judge Us By Our Worst (Unless…)

My entire life growing up in Church, I commonly heard Christians being frustrated by people who lumped all Christians into one group, blaming all Christians for the “Bad apples”.  The Church was not throwing those bad apples out necessarily.  But Christians hated being held accountable for people they had no ability to change.

Christians bristle at being lumped in with Pat Robertson and other cartoonish characters.

And yet, many of those same people who lament how unfair this is?  Turn right around and demand Muslims do something about their radical elements.  They claim all of the religion is responsible for the whack jobs within.  They think the bad apples represent the true faith.

Saying Pat Robertson does not represent you is not doing anything, yet many expect Muslims to give a careful accounting of all the Muslims thy disagree with.  Don Lemon actually asked a Muslim lawyer if he supported ISIS.

We are not supposed to judge Christians on Pat Robertson, we are not supposed to assume Christians agree with the douchebag who shot George Tiller dead.  Christians do not have to step up and give an accounting of who they do not agree with in the faith at random.  Yet, Muslims are presumed guilty because of the actions of a minority who claim to represent the faith.

I routinely see people who call themselves followers of Jesus mock Muslims as a whole, make generalities in condemning the entire Muslim community when some behave badly (or rather, commit evil acts).  And then I see those same people get upset when Christianity is mocked for it’s bad apples.  I cannot help but wonder Jesus would think of the mocking condemnation.

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  1. It’s absolutely true, the rampant hypocrisy is spilling off the table and puddling on the floor. What also boggles my mind is the firm belief of a LOT of Christians, that they are in fact, a much put-upon minority and everyone picks on them, because mean people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, or that somehow acknowledging that there ARE other religions, is a threat to their well-being.

    Also, Don Lemon is an idiot.

    1. Then there is the beauty of folks who decry the institution of Shariah Law and will turn right around and say the government should base our laws in the Bible.

  2. Exactly! These are people who cannot reason from A to C. Josephine Tey said it so beautifully in one of her books, that criminals are people who can reason from A to B, and most people can make it from B to C…but criminals can’t. I include religious nuts of ANY persuasion in that category.

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