Who Needs Who

So, yesterday, there were reports originating with Latino Review that Sony had a done deal with Marvel that gave Marvel the use of Spider-Man in the Avengers: Infinity Wars films.  People were excited.

Sony Denies this.  There are two possibilities at play (that are the most likely).  Sony denied it because it is not true.  There is no deal.  Or they are still trying to work out a deal and do not want it ruined by being public about a deal not yet signed.

But the real problem I see in this whole set up is I cannot see Marvel going for a deal where they are just borrowing Spider-Man from Sony.  I cannot see a scenario of a deal where Sony totally relinquishes control of the franchise they are haphazardly trying to create.  Marvel really just want the rights to Spider-Man, so I cannot see them going with a deal where they are just advisers on a franchise and have to give Avengers money to Sony.

Between Sony and Marvel?  Sony is the kid desperately trying to succeed.  Any deal which ups their Spider-Franchise and brings in extra money is a benefit for them, but not so much for Marvel.  The truth is?  Marvel Studios does not need Spider-Man in the Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe.  At all.  Adding Spider-Man to the mix will not increase revenue.  After the Avengers came out, the talk was not “Could have been great…but where is Spider-Man?!”  Nobody is saying, “Age of Ultron just won’t work without Spider-Man.”  The only threat to the Avengers: Infinity War is if the long predicted (almost ten years now) super hero movie fatigue finally happens.  Barring that? Adding Spider-Man won’t bump the sales at all.  Marvel does not need Spider-Man.

But Sony’s Spider-franchise getting rebooted would get a boost if they could tie their franchise to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  If they could get a couple high profile guest appearances in their Spider-Man movies (say, Nick Fury or Captain America) that would likely give Sony and the Spider-Franchise a boost.  So, unless Marvel is offering a significant amount of cash to Sony and Sony is offering control?  I do not see a deal happening.

And I am okay with that.

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