My Top Ten Comics of 2014

I found this list a bit harder to compile than my movie list.  For one thing?  I have a ridiculous back catalog.  So, for instance, I have Sex Criminals and East of West and Lazarus purchased…I have not yet started reading them.  I keep intending to…but I have not gotten around to them.  Damn Comixology sales building up a massive back catalog of reading material.  I also decided not to rank these.  So, here is the list in no particular order of the books I most enjoyed reading this past year.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
I was won over to Miles Morales early in the original series.  Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez continue to make the stories of Miles a priority read for me every month.

Brian K. Vaughn was enough to sell me on trying this series when it first came out.  Fiona Staples’ amazing art was the icing on the cake.  The series is kind of crazy, the universe he has created is populated with cyclops, people with wings, robots with televisions for heads, people with rams horns, etc.  It is a very odd world Vaughn and Staples are building, but it continues to be compelling.

This urban fantasy by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Leila Del Duca is loads of fun.  Like Saga, magic, technology, mythical creatures are the norm.  And yet, as a reader, I never question the logic of Kate Kristopher’s world.  She is pursued by tiger headed men?  Cool.  Shutter is a blast to read, and Del Duca’s art is ideal for the series, neither to cartoony, nor to realistic.  I look forward to see her career grow.

Flash Gordon
Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner capture the old pulp sci-fi feel without being hokey or awkward.  The book is fun and full of adventure, and they are doing a terrific job.

Rocket Girl
This book, by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder is loads of fun.    It tells the tale of teen cop Dayoung Johansson from the future.  She is back in 1985 to prevent her future (2013) from occuring.  I may be summing it up in a way that almost does not make sense, but the writing is never muddled in the series.  It is a real joy to watch the story unfold, especially with the artwork by Amy Reeder.  She deserves to be seen, she is a very talented artist.

All New X-Men
Mainly for the current story-line where the X-Men are trapped in the Ultimate Universe.  The stuff with Jean Grey and Miles Morales has been great fun.  Bendis and Mahmud Asrar are making this a good read.

Ms Marvel
This title seemed to face an uphill battle.  There were some people unhappy when it was announced that the new Ms Marvel would also be a muslim girl.  Some cloaked their complaints in criticisms of Marvel just trying to jump on the diversity bandwagon.  Which is a dumb complaint but frankly a topic for another day.  G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona have made this a must read title.  Kamala Kahn is an immensely likable character.  Bright an witty, she aspires to be a great super hero, much like her predecessor.  This book is funny, exciting and worth reading.

Death Vigil
Stjepan Sejic is a talented artist.  And he has created a fun series.  A comedy adventure about Grim Reapers, Death Vigil looks great and has an entertaining tale accompanying the gorgeous art.

Rat Queens
What an insanely goofy series.  I mean this in the most complimentary way possible.  Kurtis Wiebe turns the fantasy genre upside down with a wild group of female adventurers for hire. The art by Roc Upchurch was great for the series with it’s cartoonish tendencies.  Upchurch will not be continuing with the series, however, due to a domestic violence arrest.  I look forward to seeing who takes on the art reigns.  The gifted Tess Fowler would be a good choice…

Pretty Deadly
The talented and busy Kelly Sue DeConnick teamed up with the talented and busy Emma Rios to created this grim western.  Rios’ art makes a lovely, yet gritty landscape for DeConnick’s tale.  A great read, with stunning visuals…seriously Ginny’s look is iconic, and it is no small wonder cosplayers are choosing her as a subject.

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