The Un-Reboot

So, DC completely rebooted their universe with the New 52, sort of.  Some stuff was still canon, especially Green Lantern and Batman Histories, while Superman and Wonder Woman started totally fresh.  Ever since then, there has been talk that Marvel was going to eventually have there own Crisis style universal … Continue Reading The Un-Reboot

Who Needs Who

So, yesterday, there were reports originating with Latino Review that Sony had a done deal with Marvel that gave Marvel the use of Spider-Man in the Avengers: Infinity Wars films.  People were excited. Sony Denies this.  There are two possibilities at play (that are the most likely).  Sony denied it … Continue Reading Who Needs Who

Photo (Less) Hog

For most of the Presidency of Barack Obama, a common complaint from his critics has been that he takes to many photo ops.  He is always using any chance to get a photo op. On it’s face, this is a pretty stupid criticism.  All Presidents show up for photo ops. … Continue Reading Photo (Less) Hog

Locked In

So, if you told me a movie about a guy in a car trying to get a cement foundation poured within the next twenty four hours would be a super compelling watch?  I would have walked away thinking you were nuts. And yet, somehow, Director Steven Knight manages to make … Continue Reading Locked In

Start [REC]ording

For my money, [Rec] and [Rec]2 are two of the best found footage films out there.  They used the genre very well.  I was excited to see [Rec}3: Genesis, but found it greatly disappointing.  I understand why they abandoned the found footage approach, it really is limiting, and there is … Continue Reading Start [REC]ording