BB Guns Are Not Dangerous, But How Can We Tell?

In the cases of Tamir Rice and John Crawford, there were justifications by those who see themselves as “supporters of the police” that both were shot…well, fairly.  See, they were both handling BB guns.  And the argument goes that there was no time to determine these were BB guns and therefor neither Crawford or Rice were actual threats.  No, they had to shoot to kill, just in case.

Finally, we have news stories that prove race was not a factor.  After the police have shot and killed white men with BB guns in Walmarts-oh wait.  They were not shot and killed by police?  They were simply arrested?  How is this possible?!  Did you not see the Facebook meme where a cop is pointing two guns at you and you “have to figure out which one is real but you paused and BLAM! you are now dead so Tamir Rice and John Crawford had it coming”?!

How did the cops manage to subdue men who pointed BB guns at them?!  It makes no sense!?  Or is it simply that white people are like the Storm Troopers in Star Wars?  We are just prone to being such terrible shots, the officers sensed no threat when the guns were pointed directly at them?  Whereas, black people are so skilled with guns, they do not even have to aim them and they will kill you where you stand?  Like Angelina Jolie in Wanted????

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