If Sony Were a Pretty Girl…

When people hacked the private accounts of young actresses in Hollywood and distributed naked photos not meant for public consumption, people were outraged.  There were angry writings about the criminality and mistreatment of these women.  And rightly so.  What was done then was a criminal and wrong act.

Yet, when Sony was hacked, and all sorts of private and personal information was being put out there that was never meant for public consumption, the same media types that were outraged over the naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence being stolen were picking through private Sony e-mails like they stumbled on a goldmine.

Suddenly, private e-mail conversations were news stories, and people were salivating at the indications of another dump like they were naked pics.  What can we find out about future movie plans?  What does this exec think of that actor?  Is there going to be a deal with Marvel over Spider-Man?

These are not leaks any more than the nude actress pics were leaks.  The hackers stole the info and are passing it out, just as the hackers did with the nude pics.  Let us not kid ourselves, this is not someone who discovered a great injustice and blew the whistle on it.  These are petty hackers, playing hacker games.  At worst, and if this is tied to North Korea, it is the move of an infantile dictatorship run by a baby throwing a tantrum out for revenge.  Over an absurd comedy starring Seth Rogan.  You do not get more pathetic than that.

People should be condemning the cyber-attack of Sony, not picking it clean for click bait.

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