Where Is the Hypocrisy?

I confess, I am really tired of the online Conservative meme of telling a tragic story about a cop being killed and asking “Where are the protests” acting as if there is some grand hypocrisy on display.

For example, the current version of this meme is this one.

It is a pretty terrible story.  Horrifying and tragic.  But it is not the story itself that has conservatives up in arms.  It is the fact that there have not been protests and marching in the streets.  And they see this as a criminally hypocritical proof of…well, something.

What is becoming increasingly clear with a large number of the vocal conservatives out there, is they do not really understand why people protest.  The purpose of it is lost on them.

Take this story for example.  Four criminals kidnap the white cop.  They force him to withdraw money and eventually kill him.  In the mind of conservatives, the reason there are no protests is because he is “the wrong color”….the cop is white.  This is a troubling viewpoint, because it shows that white conservatives have a massive victim complex…ironic since they are fond of telling black people to not play the victim.

But in reality, why are there no protests in the above case?

Who exactly are you going to protest?  Criminals?  These four men were not members of a government organization.  Tamir Rice, Mike Brown and Eric Garner were killed by police officers.  They were killed by the establishment.  This is what people are protesting.  Not merely that someone killed them.  But that the person who killed them did so with the sanction of the state.  And that this grants them cover they never would have had as regular citizens.  The very people who investigate them are their friends, co-workers and metaphorical family.  People are protesting that they cannot see justice, because their loved ones were killed by the government.  What organization was behind the death of Officer Kevin Quick?  None.  What grand jury said there was no need to indict these men?

I have explained this before, I will do so again.

When a police officer is killed?  It is viewed solely through the lens of a tragedy.  Al Sharpton does not pop up to declare the officer had it coming.  That Quick’s killers were acting in self defense, it is a dangerous job, so you cannot expect them to take risks, cause they just wanted to get home to their families.  Nobody has to defend the officer’s honor against accusations of thuggery.

The perpetrators do not get the benefit of a grand jury deciding that there is not enough evidence to take them to trial.  If you kill a cop?  You are going on trial.  And with only the rarest of exceptions?  You will go to prison.  You will pay a price for killing a cop.  Choke a man to death and people will say “Hey, it was his fault anyways”.

Officer Kevin Quick’s tragic death is not being protested because the people behind it were criminals, not the state.


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  1. In specific, this is true. However, it is merely an adjunct to the fact that a White victim of anything is ignored…even when it’s a White killed by a cop, especially a Black cop. Only certain, protected groups generate outrage when they’re rightly or wrongly put down by the law.

    1. But I cannot help but ask…why are whites not more outraged by cops killing people in these situations. Why aren’t they bringing these killings to light as more than cheap attempts to slam liberals? Why are people who were worried about the Government creating death panels so quick to support officers of the state being able to kill without boundaries?

      1. One, we rarely hear about it unless it’s a Black who got killed. Two, few Americans – what you describe as Conservatives – accept your postulate that the police are able to kill without boundaries.

        You’ll also find that most of us are far less bothered by State and Local government than the Federal one, which is also the one striving for more and more overreach. That will be part of what causes your quandary.

  2. You raise a very valid point. If it were other cops who kidnapped and murdered a cop, then I could see the outrage…but villains are villains, and the cop is….unlike the average unarmed victim, someone who is supposed to realize the danger of his or her job.

    But you will never ever convince some people, that it is an apples to oranges comparison.

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