Apple Fight vs Orange Fight

Yes.  Video footage of a large man standing in front of a small female cop, less than two feet away suddenly grabbing her, throwing her to the ground and pummeling her, getting up and walking back to his car (all while his daughter stands by and watches) is horrifying.

The video appears below the cut, you may want to skip it.


He tells his daughter he cannot go to jail.  As I said…it is a pretty horrifying.  It also adds nothing to the arguments regarding Ferguson.  I saw this video on Facebook with someone trying to argue that people referring to Michael Brown as unarmed are being unrealistic.

Of course, the officer here has no opportunity to draw her weapon.  If she had, I would say she was pretty justified in using it.  And yet, the guy with the fists did not kill her.  And he went to jail, thanks to cameras.

Yes, a person’s fists can be effectively deadly.  Yet, that does not mean we consider a person armed because they have fists.  By that logic…who can a cop not kill?  We are pretty much all armed and dangerous by this logic.  What a terrible way to live and function.

Unlike the cop in the video, Wilson had the time to contemplate what he was going to do.  He states he thought about his metal baton and mace, before deciding on pulling out his gun.  He did not have his taser on because it is uncomfortable.  So, the attempts to use this video as a defense of Wilson is just not strong at all.

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