Anger Within the Royals

So, I started watching the Voice a couple years ago.  I was really pleased this season, until America kept saving Ryan Sill over much better performers.  Seriously, America…Anita Antoinette and Reagan James were both far more deserving to go on.  And Sill did not make me eat my words last night.  Also, not really feeling Chris Jamison.  These guys are both decent singers…but they should not have beat out the people they did.

But the performance that really killed it for me last night?

Taylor John Williams and his take on Lorde’s Royals.  He found an edge the original did not have.  I like the Lorde version well enough…but it is wistful and daydreamy.

Williams found the aspect that gave his performance bite.  Drawing upon the plight of the homeless, he brought an anger to the song that is appropriate and missing from the original.As Blake Shelton noted, Williams is an artist, and manages to make each song he performs sound like his, rather than a cover.

As an aside, I really liked that Taylor saw no need to switch the song to a masculine perspective, rather leaving in the lines about being the Queen Bee.


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