Just Don’t Understand

My Facebook feed filled up pretty quick with white people lamenting the Ferguson situation.  Except, it was not the kind of lamenting you would hope.  It was white people expressing how they cannot understand how black people cannot get it through their heads how destroying their own community solves nothing.

Think about that.  Let it sink in.

A few facts…the vandals and looters were not all black.  White people have been involved in the Ferguson violence.  Ferguson officials confirmed that there were outside groups that came in.  Anarchists and the Klan showed up in Ferguson.  The Klan even marched the streets in their hoods and robes in the last couple of days.

And yet, if a black person suggests institutional racism, they are accused of being a “Race Baiter”.

I am sorry (oh, no I am not)….but the biggest race baiters are the people who complain about Black people not understanding they should not destroy their own neighborhoods.

The protesters were not violent.  The looters and vandals were multi-racial and taking advantage of an opportunity for mayhem.  And yet, anytime there is looting and vandalism?  The entire black community is called to account for the actions of a few.  White people rioted when Joe Paterno was fired.  Give that a little time.  White people rioted over the removal of a guy who covered up for a child rapist.

Yet, never did I hear a single white person post a “thoughtful” status on Facebook about “why don’t white people understand _______? I just cannot understand it!”  White people were not called to task as an entire group for any riot that white people participated it.  It was not seen as a white thing.

And yet, White people are perfectly comfortable casually calling out all black people for the actions of a few.  As if rioting, looting and vandalism were uniquely “black things”.

Instead of taking a moment to listen, we jumped right in to tell people how to act who were not guilty of acting that way.  Stay classy my fellow white people.

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