Stacking the Shipdeck

A couple days ago the Daily Currant ran a news story about Sarah Palin and her plan for immigration, which involved cruise ships and shipping people who were in the country illegally across the ocean back to Mexico.

It is, of course satirical.  The most common responses were, “Oh, that is obviously a satire site” and “No way…even for her that would be hard to believe.”

But Michelle Malkin went off to find all the dumb liberals who fell for it.  Her examples are kind of dubious…only one person qualifies as a famous liberal, and that tweet asks “Can this be for real?!”  In other words, that Hollywood person (Marg Helgenberger) Malkin uses found the story suspect.

I do not fault people for not knowing a site is a satire site.  There are a million of them, I do not expect anyone to be familiar with them all.  But Malkin’s attempt at a Ha Ha is pretty much one that falls flat.  It is, after all, not hard to find Conservatives who eat up any news that feeds their view of liberals-even when it turns out to be a well known site like the Onion.  But Malkin fails to prove Liberals were overwhelmingly duped by this one.

Yup.  Some people fell for it and missed the satire.  But from what I have seen, the major response was to recognize that it was a fake story from the outset.  That is if people even saw the story.

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  1. Well, I certainly missed the article, but it does sound quite amusing. Especially since that is exactly the sort of thing that Sarah Palin would think up!

    Malkin on the other hand, certainly has never displayed any sort of sense of humor in any her writings, or at least none that I have ever read. Also the premise seems to be…awfully weak. Is she upset that people thought it was serious? Or did she want everyone to laugh at Palin…more?


    1. She was trying to make fun of liberals…kind of a “Ha! Liberals thought this was real?! Ha!” But I am not sure there is much evidence that it was widely believed to be true.

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