Chucky’s Package

For years, a Chucky box set has meant one thing.  You would not get the original Child’s Play.  Earlier in the year, to coincide with the sixth film, the Curse of Chucky, Universal and MGM came to an agreement.  A limited edition box set with all six Chucky films.

The packaging does it’s job, but I cannot say it is all that unique.  But the discs themselves are quite nice.  All the film’s blu-ray transfers look great.  The audio is effective (I had the menu for Child’s Play going and kept looking around as I would suddenly hear footsteps).

2014-10-12 21.33.352014-10-12 21.34.05The Breakdown is:

Child’s Play:  This is chock full of special features to go with the movie.  There is a lot of information to be found in the featurettes.

Child’s Play 2 & Child’s Play 3:  Each disc just has the films.

Bride and Seed of Chucky: Both have the features that were included on the original DVDs.

Curse of Chucky:  All the special features included on the solo release of the disc

As franchise collections go, this is pretty darn good.  It would have been nice if they had created special features for films two and three.  One of the great things about these types of franchise sets is getting to hear the thoughts and feelings of cast members decades later.  For one thing, people tend to be more honest, rather than in promotion mode.  Hearing how everyone felt about two and three would be intriguing.

But overall, this is a nice little set and it is worth it for Chucky fans.

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