You Must Be Nude Here

Recently, the actor who portrays John Snow on Game of Thrones declared the show needs more male nudity. His argument was there should be more menude, considering all the female flesh on parade.

The truth is…I would like a bit less nudity of any sort. HBO likes to have nudity in their shows…it usually feels forced. But the writers of Game of Thrones seem to have heard the challenge and said “We are gonna raise the stakes here.”

It is actually to point that episodes without nudity stand out as noticeable. The nudity is very one sided. It is expected of the women. It is almost always sexualized imagery for male viewer consumption.

The annoying thing?

Generally speaking, HBO has excellent programming. Their shows are well written, well shot, well performed, etc. they do not need to “spice up” their programming.

HBO seems to believe the success in their programs is not in their quality, but how much nudity you can get. They seem to be ignoring that there are networks, such as AMC, that are playing their game (quality programming) without being able to play the nudity card.

I dare the Game of Thrones team to go a whole season with no nudity (and no rape, you know, for a bonus!). In fact, I double dog dare them.

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