Game Enders

So, there is a lot of argument about the boycott of Ender’s Game. The gay community has both supporters and detractors of the boycott. What I find interesting about some of the detractors is that they are the same folks that had no problem boycotting a previous film.

When the Golden Compass movie was announced, reputable Christian organizations and publishers started beating the drums of boycott. When the film was announced, they challenged the executives. When the cast was announced, they questioned the decency of the actors. And they denounced the film before seeing it, based on it’s Christmas time release.

The goal was to prevent the movie from being made, or at least destroy the chances for any sequels to complete the book trilogy in film form. There was no hemming and hawing, and little dissent from Christians. And I suspect the defense is, Ender’s Game is not anti-gay itself, while the His Dark Materials books were Anti-Christian. But that is not the real difference.

See, Pullman was not using his financial success to bankroll attempts to restrict or take away the rights and freedoms of Christians. He was not funding huge political campaigns to marginalized Christians. Seeing the Golden Compass was not going to fund attempts at anti-Christian legislation. Seeing Ender’s Game is putting money in the pocket of a guy who has already done so to gays.

So, yeah, I won’t be going to Ender’s Game.

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