What MoS Was Missing Was Grim Lead

You know…I did like the Man of Steel, but I found plenty to be critical of. One of the problems is we never got much of Clark building relationships with people. Now, instead of a sequel, we are getting a team up movie. Warner Brothers is desperately trying to catch up with Marvel’s cinematic success. The Nolan Bat trilogy was not made to open that door to a shared cinematic universe. Green Lantern could have been made to acknowledge the growing Super-hero universe. Man of Steel was the first film made with a larger universe in mind. But Marvel really committed to the shared Universe concept. And they planned for it to lead up to the Avengers. They started laying their groundwork in the First Iron Man through Captain America three years later, they built up characters that appeared throughout various films, and lead into the Avengers. And they managed to bring all their actors back with one exception (replacing the terrific Ed Norton with the talented Mark Ruffalo). DC has one movie and the next film they announce is a sequel to Man of Steel starring…Batman? Then a Flash movie? Because, apparently Wonder Woman is a really hard concept for DC. Then A Justice League movie. But while DC wants the successes of Marvel’s films, they want to do it without the commitment or effort of setting it all up. They are rushing it and it shows. I cannot imagine this will improve the problems of Man of Steel, it might even make them worse.

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  1. You really cannot fault Marvel…they did an excellent job of setting up their universe, and adding depth and characters, film after film…all leading up to the crescendo of the Avengers. Alas, Warner Bros. seems unable to follow that mode of movie making, which actually calls for discipline and something of a plan.

    You really can’t just keep cranking out Superman and Batman movies. Especially ones that just keep telling the same story over and over again. Try something different…a little daring perhaps? Frankly I loved the Green Lantern movie, although I fully admit that it could have been better. Concentrate on the Corps perhaps? Or go with Wonder Woman, or the Flash, or Aquaman, or heck, go with Booster Gold!

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