Thank You & Good Night

Really bummed to discover that AOL pulled the plug on Comics Alliance.  They were the only comics site I visited regularly.  I appreciated their humorous reviews of comic themed movies and TV shows (Smallvillains was classic stuff).  I had been a bit worried when Laura Hudson announced she was stepping down I was a bit worried.  But Joe Hughes stepped in and really kept it going strong.

Their ability to jump between goofy fun and thoughtful commentary regarding comics and race/gender/identity/sexuality was pretty rare.  They had a great team assembled, and I hope to see them all get paying replacement gigs soon.  But I will miss finding their insights together in one place.

Thanks for the fun and commentary, Comics Alliance.  You will be missed.

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  1. I will miss it as well. They always had great articles, and silly as well as profound commentary. Where will I find the best cos-players and art this week NOW?

  2. I was wondering why the feed just stopped yesterday. That sucks! As a casual comic reader (mostly graphic novels and tpb) they were how I stayed informed. Plus the cos play, art, and reviewing bad movies were all highlights of my weekly reading.

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