Thank You & Good Night

Really bummed to discover that AOL pulled the plug on Comics Alliance.  They were the only comics site I visited regularly.  I appreciated their humorous reviews of comic themed movies and TV shows (Smallvillains was classic stuff).  I had been a bit worried when Laura Hudson announced she was stepping … Continue Reading Thank You & Good Night

Talk Like a Man…?

Read this column by Pia Glenn. It is about street harassment.  I don’t think we men quite realize what (and how early) women are really facing.  It is a challenging and heartbreaking read.  But it is worth it.

So…Um, Sorry

About the lack of presence here on the blog.  Life has had some big upsets and changes, none really things one wants to discuss, but I may share for folks who are finding their life hitting the same areas.  It could certainly be worse, but life is not without it’s … Continue Reading So…Um, Sorry