Victims… Aren’t We All?

Wow.  These young men had sex with an unconscious young woman.  You know, as Candy puts it… “Rape, Essentially”.  Oh wait, not essentially rape.  It was rape.  She is unconscious.  Their having sex with her was non-consensual.  They raped her.  Then took pictures.  This is not a matter of opinion. This is not a situation with more than one way of seeing what happened.  They raped her, pure and simple.  If you try and make it anything else?  You’re despicable.

Did you notice Trent May’s apology to the young woman, her family and community were for taking and distributing the pictures? He was not apologizing for the rape.

And yet?  We got six minutes from CNN that barely mentioned the victim.

Because, why would you express concern about the victim of the rape, when the real victims in all of this were the rapists and their now tainted futures?!  What does this all mean for them??!

Yeah…this will haunt these guys for most of their lives.  There are, of course options if they actually step back and look what they have done.  If they seek to see why it was wrong.  To try and contribute to society to challenge rape within our culture.  That would be really tough and painful.  And they would have to prove themselves to people.  And yet, none of that came up in six minutes discussing the future of these young men.  No, it was a tragedy… after all, they were good students.  They were good football players.  And it is so unfair that this act of rape is now interfering with their bright and shiny future.

Boo Hoo.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. I don’t sense any sort of remorse…other than that of being caught. Of course they were caught by their own flagrant stupidity…and stupidity is a sin that is almost always punished.

  2. When Jim Norton from the “Opie & Anthony” show is showing more sensitivity to the 16-year-old victim than the major news networks, something’s seriously wrong.

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