The Dope

So, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping to win.

On the Cycle, Steve Karnacki and Krystal Ball defended Lance…sorta. They noted that while he achieved his victories through less than noble ways…he also had a positive impact via cancer…both as an inspiration to others with cancer and money raised for research. It is very complicated they argued.

You know what? I call bullshit. Lance Armstrong is an asshole. And the good things don’t mitigate that.

Lance did not just dope to win. That is not the bad part. He lied about it for 13 years. But that is not the bad part either.

Armstrong threatened people. He ruined lives and careers of those who might have exposed the truth. And when people accused him? Lance-with the help of the public-trashed those people. He made sure nobody ratted on him.

And hey, at the height of his fame, he cheated on his wife and walked out on his family.

That there was some good that occurred? It does not make Lance complicated. It is great some good came about this…but it is not remotely complicated. Lance Armstrong is an asshole.

The real kicker? He is willing to name names of other dopers. Class act there, Lance.

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