Doing It Justice


So, I had a huge draft about the bad choice of trying to tie the Man of Steel and the Future Justice League movie to the Nolan Batman films via casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman. It was a bit long and explained in detail why I find this a bad choice. Then I lost the entire draft. Yay auto save for not coming to the rescue.

To boil it down:
1. There is no room in the Nolan Batworld for super powers.
2. If these super powered people existed, why did they let Gotham sit under Bane’s tyranny for three months with no sign of Batman?
3. The dynamic of Bruce/Clark/Diana matters, and removing one from the mix impacts how the league works.
4. A fresh start would work better for a Movie DCU franchise. Which is clearly what WB wants here.

I think JGL is a great and talented actor. I do not think using the Nolan Batworld to kick off the Movie DCU is wise.

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