It is true. Liberals tend to see Diversity as a good thing. It is, for the most part, positive. But I see if happen a lot that conservatives try and hit liberals with a false ‘gotcha!’ With this. Much like the conservative meme about how liberals, who praise tolerance, are the real intolerant ones.

The idea is that liberals say that we loooove diversity and respect all beliefs the same. But that is a sham! A LIE! They do not treat all beliefs equally. Recently, Marco Rubio was asked if he believed in science. It is a weird question in the sense that it seems out of place in the interview, and Rubio’s stumbling answer made it all that much worse. It was suggested by a conservative friend that this shows the liberal ideal of Diversity is Good to be a lie. That a liberal reporter would treat the subject as a gotcha question shows that the devotions to diversity are untrue.

The problem is, liberals do not actually believe all beliefs are equals needing equal respect. The liberal view of diversity being a good thing is not a claim that you can not offer a critical comment or think one idea is better than the other. It simply is that having a diverse set of options is good, ones that can be weighed, considered…debated. Thinking it is good to allow people to be heard is not the same as “Treat all ideas as equal”.

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